Cattle Farming

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Whether you’re starting your own herd or looking to add on, raising cattle can be rewarding. But how do you successfully start a cattle farm and continue to stay on top of this constantly growing industry?

We at Wambaale Community Demonstration farm, show you all the essentials that you should consider in cattle farming. We show you best practices in cattle handling as it  has effects on the overall well being of any livestock like reducing shadows, knowing a cow’s blind spot or creating traction on concrete to protect cattle from falling. We also show you easy tips to adopt on cattle grazing, health and fly control.

Whether the purpose of cattle farming varies between beef or dairy produce a farmer must determine how many animals can be accommodated on a specific piece of land. Different breeds of cattle for purposes of either dairy or beef can be identified. 

The recommended practices  to use in the mating period and the breeding process demonstrated and taught to farmers with ways to check animals on heat.