Tree Planting

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At Wambaale Community Demonstration Farm, we show you two main ways trees are planted.

Trees can be planted by Direct seeding. This is a popular method for establishing windbreaks and habitat corridors. It is comparatively cheap and will produce a random distribution of plants, giving a more natural appearance than plants in rows.

Trees can also be planted by planting seedlings. Planting seedlings is a well-established and proven practice although it is more expensive than direct seeding, but it is better suited to projects where plant spacing is important, such as agroforestry.

The tree planting project targets subsistence farmers with a focus on climate change adaptation, poverty alleviation and food security, the project has sensitized farming households about the benefits and improved techniques of agroforestry

Additionally, through the tree planting project, communities are taught better land management in order to increase overall crop yields, production of trees, reduction in fuel-wood consumption, and income generation through alternative livelihoods.